Architectural Visualization

Entertainment Design

Design services dedicated to AMUSEMENT PARKS, ATTRACTIONS, RIDES, ENTERTAINMENT and CULTURAL. I provide the Final Project Concept with CAD files, Sketches, illustrations, 3D rendering. Masterplan Capacity, bubble diagramm, storyline, attraction and ride selection, Throughput Needs, Guest Circulation Patterns.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization

Design services dedicated to INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Design and PROPS. I provide the Final Project Concept with CAD files, Sketches, illustrations, 3D rendering. 3D models are a potent tool for effectively communicate designs to the clients via three-dimensional visualization, increasing project approval rates. 3D interior/exterior design shifts the control to the hands of clients by enabling them to alter or transform designs. I Create a landscape, generating the terrain. Adding roads and building facades or some houses, some street lights and urban props, vegetation to fill the decor…

Architectural Visualization

Graphic Design

Design services dedicated to VISUAL IDENTITY, PRINT Design and WEB Design. Visual identity sets the guidelines that promote consistency in a brand’s use of visual elements including logo, colors, images, fonts and more. Branding is a strategy that refers to the process of creating a brand, from defining its values and archetypes to developing brand voice and communication strategy, visual identity, and more.

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En tant que designer créatif, j'utilise mes compétences en design pour aider les entreprises ou les investisseurs à matérialiser leurs visions. Les parcs d'attractions, les constructeurs, les fournisseurs et d'autres entreprises emploient des concepteurs créatifs pour créer de nouveaux parcs à thème ou ajouter de nouvelles zones remplies de nouvelles attractions et manèges thématiques.

Free Consultation

The first step is crucial to ensure the success of the client's project. Writing a clear, on-point, and useful brief:

Helps the designer understand the results you’re looking for aligns the client’s and designer’s project expectations makes project management easier minimizes potential miscommunications, helps the designer understand the target audience.

Next, let’s see how to explain your ideas to Drawings, CAD Plans, 3D rendering specialists with clear and useful writing.

Entertainment Design Expertise

Senior Art Director & Theme Park Designer with 19 years of experience in France and international (Belgium, China, Dubai, Turkey, etc.) in the amusement and leisure park industry.

I worked at Art & Design and Alterface for over 10 years in a graphic studio and architect/engineering office as a creative designer. Teamwork, creativity, designs and adaptation to customer needs. (Amusement parks design, attractions, Masterplan, Design Package, 3D vizualisation ...).

My freelance status has allowed me to travel and constantly adapt to each Entertainment business (FEC Thematization, Rollercoaster, Waves Machine, Hotel Resort, Karting, Mini-Golf, Museum in China, Theme creation Park 30 Hectares in Miami…).

Quality Assurance And Satisfaction Guarantee

t’s important knowing how to problem solve. A designer has to make things work, not only to create something brilliant but to know how their designs can work, whether that’s in a project’s development stage or knowing how to work with a client’s challenging expectations. An Entertainment designer will not shy away from a challenge and will most likely discover new ideas and ask questions that most of us will overlook.

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